Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ibVPN releases their All in One VPN Client


ibVPN recently released a beta version of their all in one client.  Before you would have had to manually configure the VPN each time you wanted to switch servers.  Now with their new client is simple as can be.  Just select a server from a drop down menu and your done.  The client also handles all connection modes (open vpn, pptp, l2tp).  Best of all it's completely free to free and paid users.  Download link and more info after the break.

You can download the client by clicking here.
Meet our new All in One VPN Client for Windows [Beta]. We named it like this because it brings all your VPN servers, connection modes and customization opportunities in one single place.
The cool part of All in One VPN is that it's simple... really simple. You just download it, turn it on and login to your account. From the moment you've logged in, access to every connection mode (open vpn, pptp, l2tp) every vpn server from your package, every setting, is one click away.

All in One VPN comes with NO EXTRA COST

  • We're giving it away for free to all our customers: new & existing, free & paying customers alike.
  • It simply enters in the actual cost you're paying for any ibVPN package as a way of adding amazing value to the overall VPN surfing experience.
  • So feel free to download it, use it and give us your feedback on it.
Check out the client in action and remember to sign up for an account for all your NetFlix, Pandora, Amazon VOD and all your other US only services.

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