Saturday, March 24, 2012

Taco Bich

Taco Bich, Mexican Food HCMC

I was really (really) in the mood for Mexican food last week.  Fortunately, in Ho Chi Minh City you do have a selection of places that serve the Latin cuisine, like Alfrescos and Mexico Lindo to name a few.  I've tried Alfrescos, the service was good not great and their Mexican food was again good and not great.  I tried their nacho platter with a quesadilla, and washed it down with a strawberry daiquiri.  I won't elaborate too much on what I thought about it other than saying the daiquiri was horrible and the quesadilla was good.  No this post isn't about Alfrescos, this post is about Taco Bich.

I recently, heard about an up and coming "restaurant" (in quotes because I'm not sure if they have a dining area) called Taco Bich.  I think they only do delivery anyways... I lurked their website for 2-3 days and liked what I saw.  The prices were reasonable, their selection was adequate (mostly catering to taco, burrito and tostada fans), and they even have the Negro y Azul song made famous on Breaking Bad playing on their homepage.  You won't find pozole, mole, or enchiladas on their menu but I don't expect any restaurant here in HCMC to serve pozole.

So I decided to give them a call and place an order.  The first number we dialed did not work, at least nobody answered.  So we rang up the second number and surprisingly they answered in English.  Oh man!  My mouth started to water as I was thinking of a carnitas 1 lb burrito.  I asked if they could take my order and I was told they couldn't. Nooooooo!!!  My plans of sucking down a burrito ruined!  The gentleman on the other end said they didn't have enough staff and to try again in a couple days.

I wish I could tell you the burrito was juicy, meaty, and hearty.  I wish I could tell you the delivery was fast and smooth.  But I can't...  To be fair the guy seemed really nice and sounded a bit disappointed he couldn't take my order.  I'll definitely have to give them another chance simply on the basis that they serve a carnitas burrito.  I'll update once I have it.  Take this post as a "cool story bro" until then.

Click here to visit their website.


  1. "if first you dont succeed, dust yourself off and try again" - aaliyah. thanks for even considering us. and we hope you do try again. thanks

    1. Heheh, you found me! For sure I will definitely have to ring you guys up again soon. Thanks for visiting and reading.