Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quickie: 5,000 Views!

Vietnamese school children right before English class.

Can you believe it?  We are at 5,000 views.  I started this blog in Febuary 2011 and one year later I managed to attract 5,000 unique views.  Some may scoff at that number/performance but I think it's actually very good for a humble blog centering on mostly Vietnam and my ramblings.  I'm not sure exactly how to celebrate so I'll just post this picture of some Vietnamese school children who seem to be having fun.  As usual here are some of our stats:

Most popular post: How To: Enable 3G on Viettel UPDATED 1/31/2012
Most readers are from: Vietnam
Highest referral URL:
Highest referral site:
Most popular search keyword: lotteria

Here's to another 5,000 views.  Please feel free to post up some comments.

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