Friday, January 27, 2012

Tet Holiday 2012

District 1, HCMC during Tet 2012
New Year or Tet is the biggest holiday in Vietnam.  This year I stayed home in HCMC and took in the sights.  District 1 was busy as can be.  I figured since everyone goes home for Tet that HCMC would be relatively a ghost town... it wasn't.

Here are some random pictures I took during the holiday.

A blurry picture of the Parkson in the SaigonTourist Plaza.
Street lighting decorations in District 1.
The Saigon Opera House during Tet 2012.
Flowers and people enjoying them.
A timeline of events with pictures.
People's Committee Building during Tet 2012.
The main attraction; a dragon made from flowers.

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