Friday, January 27, 2012

50% Off On All VPN Services

ibVPN is having their annual anniversary sale.  You can get 50% off by entering the promotional code 2YEARS50.  So if you have been hesitating on purchasing VPN access now is the time.  According to ibVPN "this is the single, greatest discount of the year and it’s only available this Saturday, the 28th of January, 2012,"so don't procrastinate too long :)  Click the banner up top or here to go to the ibVPN website.

If you wanted to unblock Hulu, Netflix or Pandora you could purchase the US+CA VPN service and with their 50% discount a six month subscription would only be $9.98 or a twelve month subscription for $18.98.  If you wanted to unblock the BBC IPlayer you could purchase the UK+Ireland VPN at the same discounted price.

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