Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quickie: How To Viettel 3G Has Been Updated

I updated the how to enable Viettel 3G article with information about an unlimited 3G service plan.  You can read all about it here and remember to post your thoughts in the comments.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

How To: Use GrooVe IP & Google Voice to Make & Receive Free Calls to the US

Use Google Voice & GrooVe IP to make and receive free calls while in Vietnam!
 So if you are like me and have family and friends back home in the US but are currently living (or vacationing) in Vietnam then you want an easy and inexpensive way to call your loved ones for free... well almost free.  A lot of people already know about GrooVe IP and Google Voice and have successfully used it to their advantage.

Friday, January 27, 2012

50% Off On All VPN Services

ibVPN is having their annual anniversary sale.  You can get 50% off by entering the promotional code 2YEARS50.  So if you have been hesitating on purchasing VPN access now is the time.  According to ibVPN "this is the single, greatest discount of the year and it’s only available this Saturday, the 28th of January, 2012,"so don't procrastinate too long :)  Click the banner up top or here to go to the ibVPN website.

Street Fighter in HCMC

Street Fighter in Vietnam?
 I am a fighting game fan, have been since days of NES.  I remember playing Kung Fu, Wrestlemania and others in my early childhood days.  As Nacho put it "a nice pile-drive to the face.. or a punch to the face..." can be very satisfying (err I mean in video games).  More recently, I have been playing Street Fighter IV and the subsequent newer versions.  I consider myself a novice player, but I can hold my own.  I wanted to improve my skill so I went as far as to purchase an arcade stick, two in fact.  When it came time to move to Vietnam I brought one of my arcade sticks with me. 

Tet Holiday 2012

District 1, HCMC during Tet 2012
New Year or Tet is the biggest holiday in Vietnam.  This year I stayed home in HCMC and took in the sights.  District 1 was busy as can be.  I figured since everyone goes home for Tet that HCMC would be relatively a ghost town... it wasn't.

Random Vietnam Picture

Reunification Palace, Ho Chi Minh City
A panoramic picture I took of the Reunification Palace, taken with my trusty Samsung Galaxy Nexus during Tet 2012.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Traditional Vietnamese Weddings

Photo by: Mike Fernwood

Weddings in Vietnam are a sight to see.  The Vietnamese have a strict traditional culture on how, when, where, and even who one marries.  Having only lived here for a year, I have already been to about 4, maybe 5, weddings.  Every day, someone somewhere is getting married in Vietnam.  It’s not uncommon to see the bride and groom taking wedding pictures at the local park and throughout the city in full wedding dress and tuxedo.  It’s actually pretty big business here, I would imagine.  In fact, the street I live on just so happens to be a bride’s dream come true.  There are bridals all along my street.  Almost every single storefront is a bridal.  Hence, it has been dubbed “the wedding street".