Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quickie: Mystique as seen by Yamashita Shunya

Mystique by Yamashita Shunya
X-Men: First Class was a rather successful movie which probably has nothing to do with this new PVC figure being released.

Mystique Bishoujo
This is a bishoujo of the popular American character.  It's pretty good, I like it.  It's nice to see a different perspective of characters normally not portrayed in this style.  There is a whole series too dubbed "Marvel Bishoujo".  All characters are portrayed in an anime style including; Electra, Invisible Woman, Rogue, Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Miss Marvel and many others.

Best of all these are officially licensed by Marvel.  What doesn't come as a surprise though is their limited availability and (IMO) steep price.  But I'm sure the price reflects Takeuchi Koutaro's, of Kotobukiya, high quality work and great attention to detail. Check out this link to learn more about this Mystique figure.  Click on this link to see more Marvel Bishoujo figures.  If Marvel isn't your bag then click on this link to see DC Comics bishoujo figures.

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