Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random Vietnam picture of the week

Vang Dalat, Vietnamese wine.
This week's random picture topic is wine, Vietnamese wine to be exact!  The wine you see above comes from a popular Vietnamese tourist destination known for it's French architecture, strawberry preserves and lush pine trees.  Of course I'm talking about the city of Dalat.  There is also one other thing this city is known for; its rich red and white wines.  Learn more after the jump.

Dalat "Le Petit Paris" by Cheong Kok Chun.
Lam Dong Foodstuffs the grower, bottler and distributor of  Vang Dalat wine is located in the heart of Dalat.  Vang Dalat wines are known in Vietnam for their rich full flavor and inexpensive price.  When I arrived in Vietnam I was actually greeted here with a glass of Dalat red wine.  Now before we go any further let me say that I am no wine connoisseur so if you are please take my input with a grain of salt.  I thought the wine tasted pretty good although the label did not mention the type of red wine it is I felt it tasted close to a Merlot with the alcohol content of a Shiraz.  According to the label the wine has an alcohol content of 12% and "dark red...Cardinal grape[s] combined with a small percent of Dalat mulberry[s]."

Vang Dalat white wine.
Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to try their white wine so I cannot comment on it but according to the label you can expect a "gentle fragrance of grape, together with a little flower fragrance and lightly special sour".  Vang Dalat wine comes in a range of styles and flavors.  To find out more about their full line of wines check out their official website.

Dalat red wine (and white wine) is bottled in the traditional 750ml Bordeaux Bottle and goes for approximately 50k VND or $3USD.  Other sizes available range from 375ml to 3 liters.

Vang Dalat wine is currently being exported to Japan, Korea, Cambodia, and Laos.

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