Saturday, May 7, 2011

Random Vietnam picture of the week

"Che bot loc", a Vietnamese dessert.
This week's random picture is a Hue, Vietnam specialty dessert.  What you see above is called che bot loc.  Che bot loc is made from filter cake powder on the outside and peanuts or shredded coconut on the inside.  It is served hot in a broth made from sugar and ginger.  Learn more after the jump!

Originating in Hue it is a popular dessert among its townspeople.  Generally speaking, it is unknown outside of Hue.  Although you can and will find it in other cities such as HCMC it is usually being made and sold by a person from Hue.

The broth tastes sweet, kind of like a cinnamon-y spicy sweet.  The outside is kind of like flavorless gummy.  When you eat it you first taste the broth followed by either the taste of a peanut or coconut.  I like the way che bot loc tastes and would have no hesitations recommending it to other foreigners.  It's very easy to eat so next time you are in Hue ask for it by name!

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