Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quickie: Cool PVC figures releasing in May

1/6 Scale PVC Rachel Alucard by Freeing
This month there are some neat figures being released.  My picks for this month are a 1/6th scale Rachel Alucard from popular fighting game Blaze Blue and a 1/10th scale Dante from hellish beat 'em up Devil May Cry.

If you are a BlazBlue fan (me!) and in the market for a Rachel Alucard figure then listen up.  This 1/6 scale pre painted PVC figure by Freeing will be released this month.  According to PlayAsia the figure is an official Yosuga no Sora Figure measuring about 340mm (thats 13.3") and being released in limited quantities.  So if you want a Rachel to call your own you better hit up your favorite import shop before they are all sold out.

Check out PlayAsia for more pictures.

This Dante PVC figure by Yamato comes prepainted and measures a healthy 305mm (12") and just like the Rachel figure it is being released in limited quantities.  If you must have this Devil May Cry figure it will get you back a hefty $139.90

Get all the details for this DMC figure here.

There were plenty more exciting figures but these were the ones that caught my eye the most.  You can check out all this months PVC releases here.

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