Saturday, May 7, 2011

I get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog!

As you may know southeast Asia moves thanks to the power of the motorbike.  This is especially true in Vietnam where 90% of the population uses a motorbike as their primary form of transportation.  Everywhere you turn you'll see a motorbike, either parked in front of an establishment, stuck in traffic, being used to transport merchandise you would only imagine fitting in a truck, or simply getting people where they need to go.  Seeing as how I need to move about town, I'm officially a proud owner of a brand new state of the art 2011 model year no-name brand 100cc motorbike.

It was a long time coming, sharing a single motorbike between two people was starting to drive me crazy.  We always had to schedule accordingly and make sure we got to where we needed to go even if we needed to be at two different places at different times of the day.  Seeing how I am on a tight budget I didn't have much to choose from.

My hog.
I ended up choosing a red on white 100cc motorbike.  The brand name is unknown but it closely resembles a YMH Max 100 which is a Vietnamese brand licensed by Kawasaki.  I spent all day today checking out all the different models in my price range (not many) trying to find the best bang for my buck.  Originally I figured I'd have to get a 50cc bike but as luck may have it I found a 100cc instead (now I know all my friends reading this are going to laugh that it's only 100cc and not a more powerful motorcycle and to them I say shut it! I need transportation and this beats walking).

After sorting out all the paperwork and whatnot I stopped by a store that specializes in clear wrap (think clear bra on a car).  In Vietnam it's popular to clear wrap not only your motorbike but also electronics like cellphones, cameras and laptops.  They wrapped the bike from top to bottom.  If it was painted it was wrapped.  This will help with dust, scratches, and all the abuse the bike will receive in the cold hard streets of HCMC.  While at the store I also decided to pick up new mirrors, aspherical mirrors to be exact.  The stock mirrors were just not cutting it.  I couldn't see anything from them.  These new mirrors give me a near 360 degree view behind me.  After picking up a few more trinkets for it I headed off to the mechanic where I got an oil change and had my brakes adjusted.
Getting all pimped out.

Now that the day is coming to an end  I can look at my brand new bike and think about all the fun times we'll have dodging old ladies on the street, getting exhaust fumes blasted in my face and all the honking and cursing I'll hear from my fellow motorists.  Here's to you Mr. Motorbike!

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