Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Vietnam picture of the week

KFC at a local Vietnamese shopping center.
The fast food train has officially arrived in Vietnam.  Although you won't find big time heavy hitters such as McDonalds or Burger King you will however see plenty of KFC's around Vietnam's many busy streets.  There is literally a KFC every few blocks, in fact there is a KFC just 10 minutes (by foot) from my apartment.

KFC isn't the only game in town.  You can choose from other fast food chains including popular Filipino fried chicken Jolliebee and Korean hamburgers Lotteria.  Prices range from 30,000VND ($1.50) to about 90,000 ($4.40) a plate.

Portions are definitely not up to western standards.  They are significantly smaller and unfortunately served cold (most of the time).  I hear this is normal.  Sometimes I'd get my plate, I'll be ready to dig in take a bite out of the chicken and get disappointed it's cold.  This has been my experience at KFC & Lotteria.  I haven't eaten enough times at Jollibee to make that statement about them.

Another cultural difference I noticed when eating at these fast food restaurants in Vietnam is that the order lines are non-existent.  There is just a trove of people pushing against the counter trying to get their order in.  It's like you have to fight your way to the front just to order.  This isn't limited just to eating out...

All in all it's nice to have a quick taste of "American" style food (albeit a cold one) when living or visiting abroad.  I would like to see a Burger King or better yet a Wendy's in Vietnam though :)

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