Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Vietnam picture of the week

Whoops!  Kinda missed last week... So to make up for it here are two random Vietnam pictures.
Graffiti in Vietnam
 I haven't seen much graffiti in Vietnam.  In fact this is the only graffiti I have seen.  This was taken on a side street off of Ho Van Hue street in District 3.  I thought it looked kinda cool so I snapped it up!

DVD store in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
In Vietnam it is almost impossible to find legitimate copies of your favorite movies.  It seems that all DVD's sold in Vietnam are copied, downloaded, or ripped.  I can't help but think that a store like this would get shut down so fast in the States yet here there are literally hundreds of these small DVD stores selling the newest releases.  The quality isn't up to par and sometimes the discs won't work at all but at .50-1.00 USD for a movie it's kind of hard to complain.  To be fair you can buy official copies of movies in Vietnam.  They are not very common however and sell for about $5-$10 USD.

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