Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Vietnam picture of the week

Sidewalk vendor cart in HCMC, Vietnam.

This week's random Vietnam picture is a familiar sight if you've ever spent some time in Vietnam.  There are literally hundreds of these vendor carts all across Vietnam's streets.  They sell everything and anything; books, newspapers, clothing, raincoats, drinks, cigarettes, lottery tickets, food, helmets, fruits, shoes, sunglasses, etc etc etc...  This particular vendor sells noodle soup, Cambodian phnom penh noodle soup to be exact.  I'll be honest here I know it doesn't look like the most appetizing place to eat from but I have to say the soup does taste very good and the price is right.  It makes for a good, cheap meal for when you are on the run, in a hurry, late at night, or when you are hung over.  Like the saying goes, sometimes the best way to experience the local cuisine is not from that fancy restaurant but from the sidewalk vendors, outdoor markets, or hole in the wall places.  As you can see in the picture you clearly make out the dish cleaning area and food preparation area.  What you do not see is that the vendor also sets up small tables and chairs so that patrons can enjoy their soup comfortably under the hot Ho Chi Minh City night sky.

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