Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Did someone say Bayonetta?

Bayonetta is a stylish, adrenaline pumping, action packed game from game creator Shinji Mikami.  Developed by Platinum Games and published by SEGA it is my favorite game of 2010.  I really enjoyed this game and have nearly 100 hours of playtime.  I wanted to reflect my love of the game in the form of a wearable good, namely a tshirt.  I hit the internet on the hunt for a quality Bayonetta tshirt.  Having only come up with cheap ebay copy and paste crap I decided to make my own. (Unfortunately, SEGA does not sell an official Bayonetta tshirt.  They did make some tshirts as a limited run but they were only available as prizes from SEGA, IIRC).  So off I went and came up with a few different designs, which you can see and buy from here.  Tell me what you think and if so inclined feel free to purchase one.  I originally had the idea of just creating a one off for myself but figured there might be other Bayonetta enthusiasts that would like a tshirt.  And if you haven't played Bayonetta give the demo a try or purchase it from

Bayonetta Tshirts

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