Sunday, February 27, 2011

Now on

I going to start broadcasting some of my gameplay footage on  So far I'm still working out the kinks although my first broadcast came out better than expected I don't think my laptop or upload speed is up to the task.  At least based on the quality of the video.  Anyways, I'm going to keep working on it and hopefully try to get some Deathsmiles, SSFIV, Pac-Man CE DX as well as a bunch of other game footage uploaded.

My little friend

This past holiday season I decided to take the plunge and indulge myself with a new smart phone.  I had been eying a couple off contract, unsubsidized phones from Amazon.  Now, I've never had a real modern smart phone.  All my previous phones were all dumb phones.  So I wanted my first smart phone to be something cool, cutting edge, with the latest technology basically something I can remember.  Problem was that I didn't really have the funds necessary to spend on the latest and greatest.  Most of the phones I was looking at were between $500-$700 USD.

After doing some research I decided that Android was right for me.  I liked the openness of the platform and the entry level price on the older hardware wasn't too steep.  During my regular browsing I came upon a post advertising a phone with Android 2.2 (the latest at the time), GPS, 3G, WI-FI, and bluetooth at a shipped price of $150.  I just had to click.  The phone was Huawei's IDEOS U8150.  It's basically a phone for emerging markets/entry level Android experience.  After reading the post and comments I brushed it off as too small and too slow even though it had everything else I wanted.  After a couple few days I decided to do my own research and so I looked up reviews on the phone.  Basically everywhere I looked the phone was getting praised.  The review's made it clear that while the phone wasn't the fastest or had the biggest screen it did have just about everything else including bare bones Android 2.2 (with no added carrier fluff) for only $150.  Not only that but the phone was co-developed in conjunction with Google directly (according to Huawei).  My interest suddenly grew.  Needless to say, I am proud owner of the IDEOS.  Sure, it can't play the latest/demanding Android games but it hasn't failed me as a smartphone.  It runs everyday applications pretty spiffy, I have plenty of space available thanks to my 8GB SD card and has all the features of those other expensive phones.  Win-win!  So if you are in the market for an affordable Android phone with all the bells and whistles (minus multi-touch) I recommend checking out the Huawei IDEOS.

How do I begin?

How do I begin to start posting on a blog that is about everything that I'm thinking, that happens to me, that I come across, or that I find interesting?  Do I describe my blog? Do I just start posting and hope for the best?  Or do I open up with a great story?  Nah, I think I'll skip all that and just say that this blog will be about everything that I'm thinking, everything that happens to me, stuff that I come across and find interesting.  But mostly about my time in Vietnam.  My travels as an American in Vietnam, the food, the sights, the people.  I'll also be discussing my interests in video games, technology, and automobiles.  So yea stay tuned; I hope you find my dribble interesting enough to warrant a subscription.